October 11, 2011

Management Objectives

Landmark Group is a fast-paced workplace that is driven by tight deadlines and a company attitude that demands results and maximum effort from every one of the employees. As a manager under constant pressure to deliver the end result, I have found that it helps to keep in mind on a daily basis the following five objectives:
  1. Analyze accordingly
  2. Prioritize promptly
  3. Force flexibility
  4. Communicate constantly
  5. Demand documentation
By analyzing the daily workload and prioritizing the important task of the day, I can clearly define my objectives and that of my team in order to avoid confusion. I have a plan of action to follow based upon what is high priority and working my way down from there. Of course in this business it is inevitable that issues and problems arise on a daily basis that forces priorities to change. When this happens it is important that I revisit objectives one and two before altering the course of the day and then, if necessary, be flexible enough to change priorities to fit the demands.

Communication and documentation helps keep a unity among the employees. Being clear in my communication to others helps to define a process that everyone is familiar with and avoids mishaps. Documentation is a proven way of verifying that the process and procedure was handled from the beginning through the end and provides proof of completion.

By following these five objectives daily it has helped me improve my work habits and I believe has made me a better manager at Landmark Group. Try instigating these objectives into your day as well.

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