October 12, 2011

Nebraska 34, Ohio State 27

Attribution: Bobak Ha'Eri - Wikipedia
As some of you know I am a huge Nebraska football fan. I attended the Ohio State game with my 12 yr old son, Alex.We both were very confident that Nebraska would win. Well, as the game unfolded it was Ohio St. that was running right through our defense.We could not contain their pass either as they took a 20-6 lead going in at halftime. Fans booed the Huskers as they made their way to the locker oom.

As the second half started, Nebraska went three and out and Ohio State took their opening drive in for another touchdown to make it 27-6. Nebraska stalls again and Ohio St has the ball back. At this point I thought we were dead. Nothing was going right and I turned to Alex and told him "this is going to be a blowout just like Wisconsin."

Then all the sudden Ohio State fumbles.Nebraska's ball and I am about to witness something I have never seen in my 35 years of attending Nebraska football games. They score in two plays and then stop Ohio State cold, and then they score again with a long pass. Now it's 27-20 and the crowd is really loud. We hold them again and drive down and score another touchdown to tie the game 27-27. Nebraska then intercepts an Ohio State pass and proceeds to score its fourth consecutive touchdown to win 34-27! And they recorded the largest comeback win in the history of Nebraska football!

Why am I telling you this? Well we can all take something from this and that is never ever give up and always stay persistent. Nebraska needed a spark and got it with that fumble which then resulted in avalanche of touchdowns to seal the win. So when things are not going your way, when you feel like quiting just think about the cool damp Saturday evening in Lincoln, Ne. when our beloved Cornhuskers decided not to pack it in but to keep fighting, even when the score was 27-6.

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