November 10, 2011

Cheapest Decorating Tip with Biggest Impact

Paint is the best way to decorate on a budget. Let's continue painting, but move to the walls. But let's go a step beyond just painting the walls. Let's paint wall designs!

My husband and I just completed painting our basement family room. It had a been a dark green flat paint, and it made the basement feel like a dungeon. We chose a lighter eggshell paint and wow! What a difference. But I decided to take it a step further and paint some designs. I will post pictures in an upcoming post. But for now, let's take a look at some of the possibilities.

Tools needed: A level, tape measure, pencil and blue painter's tape... and a calculator if you're not very good with math. The rest is up to your imagination. Take a look at some of these colorful ideas.

Happy Painting!


  1. Anonymous5:17 AM

    Wow. That is some amazing work! Great tip!

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  2. Thank you! If you get the chance to paint your space, send us a picture and we can put on our blog!

  3. How can i trade my interior design services for construction work in my basement?