November 14, 2011

It's Raining Pink

Every October it "rains" pink all across the United States because October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. This year I joined up with my sister (who is an eleven year breast cancer survivor) and her friends from Tennessee and we participated in the three day walk in Atlanta, Georgia.

To describe this experience is difficult because it is so personal and heartfelt - and every year is more special than the last. As I was walking through Atlanta's convention center where all 3000 of us participants were staying, I found it amazing that for three days, there were 3000 different personalities, and yet we all co-existed with no problems, there were no fights, everyone was happy to be there and you could just feel the love and caring!! Seems like such a simple process. I wonder why this doesn't work on a day-to-day basis in real-life situations?

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