November 18, 2011

Small Town Outside Omaha Ranked Again!

Another smaller town outside Omaha city limits has been recognized! We always hear about the good things going on in Sarpy County, this time it is Washington County. A small town called Arlington ranked second place for America’s Best Places to Raise Kids 2011, in an article published in Bloomberg Businessweek. The population is only a little over 1,100, which is the smallest out of the other top ranked cities. The number one ranked is Blacksberg, Virginia. Blacksberg is home to the prestigious collage called Virginia Tech.

I used to live in Washington County and starting roughly 5 mile northwest of Omaha, the atmosphere is light years from Omaha. I really was impressed with the school and community support they have.

The best time to check Arlington out is during the Washington County Fair. There are all sorts of things to do for kids and adults. Listed below is a link to the article and some more information about the town of Arlington.

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