December 6, 2011

2012 Goal Time

It is that time of year again to set your goals for 2012. Make sure your goals are measurable, attainable specific, realistic and time bound. I got the following list from my Sandler training systems training manual.

Your Goals Should....1. Force you to define your value system
2. Force you to set priorities
3. Identify a track for your to follow
4. Help you manage behavior
5. Identify your strengths and weaknesses
6. Improve self esteem
7. Motivate you

I have the following types of goals
1. Spiritual
2. Family-I even break it down by family member
3. Physical
4. Career
5. Financial
6. Educational
7. Personal

For the last 10 years I review the previous years goals when setting the current years goals. Normally my goals are several pages long.

Last year my goal was to do a sub 14 hr Ironman. Under that goal I put how I was going to accomplish it. For example, I wrote that I wanted to find and follow a training plan. I also decided that I wanted to swim three times a week. Another thing was to read as many articles as I could find on Ironman Distance triathlon training and race execution. The end result was a 12:34 Ironman. Next year's goal is to do a sub 12 hr Ironman. Under this goal will be things such as, find a personal swim coach, etc

This year, in addition to the list that I put together. Karl Shaphorst, my Sandler training coach, had us prepare a presentation of our goals in a visual way. Karl set out about two dozen magazines. We then cut out pictures and headlines from the magazines which represented each one of our goals. We then glued these on a piece of heavy stock paper and we presented these to the class. You then keep the board of goals in a place that you can review throughout the year.

To make it more interesting, I did this with my family and my kids absolutely loved it! We spend 90 minutes cutting and gluing and then each one of us presented our goals to the whole family. I encourage all of you to do this, it is a great family activity and its good for goal setting for the up coming year.

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