December 8, 2011

Landmark Omaha Economy

As we continue to search for qualified candidates to fill the openings we have at Landmark and our new startup company Omaha Towing and Recovery
I am drawn to question why it seems to have become so hard to find great
employees. And after a selection is made how to keep that employee engaged,
progressing and growing in the company and their position.
While interviewing I keep hearing from applicants how hard I is to find a job with a good company who can provide steady work and room for advancement .
I think many times these candidates and employees are limited only by their existing expectations of company politics or what a position, job title, or bonus structure should or can include. Many candidates have a difficult time thinking outside the box, especially with compensation systems and bonus
incentives. The right people are certainly out there, as are the right pay structures designed to foster growth and internal advancement.

Certainly every company needs to be tuned in with their applicants and employees concerns as well as expectations and I believe open communication is key when trying to hire and retain great employees. There is certainly much data available on these subjects,
some of the interesting information I ran across trying to answer my own
question above are below.

Omaha unemployment rate as of October = 4.2%

National Unemployment Rate as of November = 8.6%

Here are Some 12 month national labor growth changes in sectors that Landmark employs. These numbers below as well as the following report helped shed some light on my question.

Construction Growth = -2.8% which is actually up 1.1% from last month

Professional and Business Service Growth =5.9% actually down .4% from last month

While everyone keeps talking about the recession and poor
housing market and how bad the economy is I feel it is NOT that bad at all.
Follow this link and learn more about Omaha’s Landmark Economy.

All data was obtained from the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics and can be found on this site.

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