December 23, 2011

What Does it Take to Be Successful

We recently started another business called Omaha Towing and Recovery. The business is going to focus on helping property owners and landlords that struggle with the timely removal of unwanted vehicles from their property. We are also focusing on helping banks that have had problems with quickly recovering their collateral.

As we get this business underway, I have a new appreciation for how hard it is to start a business. And since a successful business positively impacts so many peoples' lives, we should celebrate when ever a business is successful. This makes me reflect on how long Landmark and Dino's have been around; 23 and 12 years respectively. I am often times humbled at how blessed we have been.

The next time you see a business owner, do everything you can to encourage him/her. The next idea that someone is thinking could be the next company in Omaha that employees 100 people.

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