January 19, 2012

Crime Free Program

I recently read an article in the Jan-Feb 2012 issue of the Journal of Property Management about "Creating a Crime Free Property". Wouldn't that be wonderful? They stated that there are three phases to being crime free.

Phase1 - Survey
Phase 2 - Inspect
Phase 3 - Maintain"

While the article outlines exactly what to do for all three of the phase's, there will never be a guarantee to the program.

Phase1 -  Survey
They suggest to take into account how the property is designed. Is the landscaping clean and neat, making sure there is no barrier that would invite trouble?
Phase 2 - Inspect
They suggest that a thorough inspection be done, to make sure that all windows and doors are locked.
Phase 3-  Maintain
They suggest that a property be well maintained before, during and after it has been rented.

While I did find the article interesting, I would hope to believe that all property managers and owners of investment properties follow these steps to insure the preservation of the property and the procuring of a good tenant.

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