January 26, 2012

Finding Renters in Cold Winter Months

Holiday specials
One of the biggest chills on cold-weather moving is the reluctance to experience the disruption of moving during a time of year typically devoted to spending time with family and friends. And it’s really cold outside, too!
Even so, individual circumstances may require a move for a renter. To add incentive to potential tenants to tour your property, implement holiday specials that lower move-in costs or offer a first-month rent for free. A generous enticement in the spirit of the holidays can make your rental feel like a warm haven in an otherwise frigid environment.
Lower the price
Pricing for the market is the smartest way to rent your property. If the market is cold—in every respect—perhaps you can warm it up a bit. Even if you the thought of lowering your monthly rental price for a unit is a concern, think how much more you’d lose with no resident in the unit at all.
Partner with local businesses
Everyone benefits when residential occupancy is higher. Contact area restaurants, spas, amusement parks, movie theaters, maid services and other businesses for coupons and special offers that might include holiday specials. These offers can be placed in your community newsletter or in fliers for potential tenants. You and your partners will both benefit from new clients and the business they bring.
Amp up your social media strategy
Social media is a preferred way for many people to keep in touch, transact business and get information all year long. And when the weather is rough, people tend to spend even more time in front of their computers. Make sure that you’re visible via digital platforms and rental web sites. Use descriptive language to counter the weather outside, describing your rental as a warm and cozy home in which to brave the winter.
Though it’s tempting to gear down when business is slow, a lighter-traffic period for renting may be just the time to increase your marketing efforts. New tenants can be found, even in the dead of winter. Get creative, stay flexible and you could see a thaw in a chilly rental climate.

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