February 9, 2012

Maintenance Tip of the Day

Maintaining a home is very important because of the investment you have made. But what about the maintenance it takes for your life?

The owner of Landmark Group is into physical fitness and I am impressed with his dedication. Me, not so much. I do however look at the spiritual and mental scope of my life. Some might think my life is boring, I don't drink or smoke and I get the proper rest that I need. My life however is far from boring. I have a very busy job at Landmark Group, it is full of the unexpected and I enjoy the variables it has. The emotional, spiritual and mental part is also fulfilling. I have 4 step grandchildren, 3 adopted grandchildren and 14 grandchildren. If you add that up, that is a full house. I am faithful to my church, family, and friends. I have found that keeping myself involved, I don't have time to be bored or depressed. I have a wife that I could not or want to do without, she is the balance that I need.

Maintaining your personal well being sometimes reevaluating the things that are really important.

P.S.If you see or hear me out of sorts, it is only temporary. Be patient. I will take time to realign my priorities and back to enjoying life.

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