April 27, 2012

2 Tips For Today

Here are two non real estate related tips.

1) Are you in sales position in Omaha?.Google "Top 100 Omaha Companies"and you'll get a PDF 13 page report. All the information you need to prospect is at your fingertips. In the olden days you would have paid  for this list.

2) Go to fiverr.com and you will discover thousands of things people will do for $5.

Here are some examples:

1. There is someone who will produce three 60 second YouTube videos promoting your business.

2. You can get a 500 word report written on any topic such as a, blog post, web content, sales letters.etc.

3. You can get someone to send their 10,000 facebook friends to your web site.

The list of things offered  goes on and on. Check it out!

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