April 24, 2012

Get Involved With Neighborhood Watch

There is no greater deterrent to crime than neighbors who’ve joined together as a community to look out for each other’s homes. That’s why neighborhood watch groups are so effective at telling criminals to “stay out.” See how getting involved in such a group in the neighborhood of your rental property could be a great investment.
Protecting property  Law enforcement officials around the country report that neighborhood watch groups are extremely powerful in the fight against crime. As many municipalities cut law enforcement budgets, neighbors become increasingly instrumental in alerting the police to suspicious activity, unknown vehicles, and out-of-place people who may have ill intent in the neighborhood.
Improving housing values  Strengthening the community in a neighborhood leads to all kinds of improvements. In addition to lowering the crime rate, neighbors may be more interested in keeping up their properties if they are known to those who live around them, a kind of accountability that can translate into better yard care and house maintenance. The atmosphere of the neighborhood changes, too: more people want to talk to each other and be social together. All of these elements create a more desirable place to live—one where your residents will want to stay and new renters will be attracted.
Joining the community  A landlord who takes an active interest in his property’s neighborhood will be appreciated.  Encouraging your residents to be actively involved in the local neighborhood watch group will be an important part of keeping your property safe. Give your residents information about groups already in existence.
You can make the difference  If your property’s neighborhood doesn’t currently have a neighborhood watch program, why not start one yourself? You might use a neighborhood networking site like nextdoor.com. A great complement to a neighborhood watch group, nextdoor.com is a social media platform for your neighborhood community, allowing members to post profile photos and share and respond to information quickly and easily.
Though there are a lot of duties to take care of as a landlord, getting involved in the communities around your rental properties is worth the time and effort. Wouldn’t you feel better knowing that your property is being looked after by the people closest to it?

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