May 21, 2012

Warm Weather Decorating Ideas for Your Rental Home

As you spend more time out-of-doors, it’s only natural you’d like your home to reflect the bright, blooming colors you see out there. We’ve got some fresh decorating ideas to help you bring a little sunshine inside.
Bring in the green - Plants and flowers can instantly spruce up your home. Purchase bouquets, decorative plants, or create mini-greenhouses in your sunny windows to sprout a home garden of herbs and space-efficient vegetables.
Lighten the linens - From blankets and comforters to window treatments, summertime requires lighter, brighter fabrics.  Trade out heavier bedding for lighter coverings in bright shades and patterns. If practical in your rental home, replace heavy curtains with light, airy versions.
Brighten the walls - You don’t have to repaint your entire interior to freshen up your décor. Check with your landlord about painting a single wall, door, or trim with a vibrant shade to enliven your space. Hanging pictures or posters featuring flowers, plants, trees, birds or butterflies also helps bring the outdoors inside. 
Choose cool colors - Whatever your decorating style, you can create cool contrast when you choose soothing hues inside your home. Choose throw pillows, centerpieces or other easily-changeable decorative accents to add an impression of cool indoors.
Use natural elements - Try incorporating natural materials in your décor, such as sprigs of lavender, rocks, branches, twigs and bird’s nests. Baskets and carpets of natural fiber also help bring wild elements into your home.

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