May 24, 2012

Internet Security

On my last post I talked about internet security.  One of the most important aspects of internet security is to keep everything up to date.  This is especially true of programs which access the internet.  I have our computers set to automatic update of Windows.  I pay attention when I receive a notice of updates for Adobe Reader, Flash Player, Apple Quick Time, or any other software that is in use.  Malware writers look for weaknesses in these software packages and when one is found they try to exploit it.  The software writes fix their software with patches to stop the exploit.  But unpatched software is a leading contributor to many of the attacks and problems which occur.

Also be aware that some people used to say that it was Windows products you had to worry about because they were the target of attacks.  But with the growing popularity of Linux and Apple software they are increasingly coming under attack also.  Make sure you are running with daily updates of your anti-virus software.  It is estimated that there are about 70,000 new viruses found every day!  (Check out here)  And if you click on this link you are violating one of the rules for safe surfing.  This is a safe link.  But many times you may find an unsafe link.  To get to this page safely copy and past this info into your browser and you will know you are going to a safe spot.  Before you click on a link check out where it is going and if you are not sure, do not click.

Here is to up to date and safer browsing.

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