May 24, 2012

Landmark Group's "Athlete of the Year"

I get into sports. Not just watching, but doing. I love almost any sport, especially the ones with running and doing something for a long period of time. 

The members of the Landmark Group Endurance Team often compare their athletic abilities. Sometimes our conversations get heated. I love making a contest out of things, so we are going to start taking nominations for the Landmark Group's "Athlete of the Year".  You can nominate anyone or yourself.

Some things that we will consider:
1. Passion for the sport.
2. God given natural athletic ability.
3. Desire to be great.
4. What kind of improvements they have made during the year
5. Do they have a lot going on in their life other than being an athlete?
6. Some of the races, games or events they have been in and their performance.
7. What are they doing to be a team player.
8. Why you think they should be the Landmark Group's "Athlete of the Year."

Please send your nominations to:

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