June 18, 2012

Burning Desires

I was in Austin, TX a few weeks ago for two graduations and while at my nephew Cameron Paladino's graduation celebration from Cox Elementary school in Cedar Park TX, the 5th grade graduation speaker gave an amazing speech. The speaker was Rodney Vincent, the Head Football Coach for Vista Ridge High School. His talk centered around having "Burning Desires" in your life. Coach Vincent went on to say that we all need to have something in our life for which we have a burning desire. That could be a burning desire about anything from faith, to work, to family to athletics.

Would you allow me to expand on these thoughts? I feel that you will never experience the joy that God intended for you until you develop a burning desire for something. What you have a burning desire for needs to be something very personal to you. It cannot be forced on you. It is something that you are incredibly passionate about and you will stop at nothing to be the best at it.

Coach Vincent went on to say.....
1. Train like the champion you are! No matter what you do, prepare for it like the best in the world would.
2. Be a champion on and off the field.
3. Live like a champion.
4. Don't compare yourself to others. (Boy! I have a problem not compareing myself to others! How about  you?)
5. Be the best YOU can be.

What is amazing about Coach Vincent's talk is that "the talk" was geared towards his audience who happened to be a group of fifth grade kids. I am hoping some of these kids learned something from this. I know that I sure did

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