June 21, 2012

Living Large in Small Places

In most apartments, space is a limited.  Anything that can be done to maximize space is going to be essential to your home decorating.  What can you do to make everything fit without the clutter?
1.  Answer these questions:
Is this functional in my place, and do I use it for that purpose?
Can I do without this?
Does it fit within my home’s decor?
Do I LOVE it?
Answer these questions honestly, and if they’re all a "no", it’s time to go.
2.  Less is More!
We know you’ve heard that before, but the thing is, it’s TRUE.  In a smaller area like an apartment, less decorating looks more sophisticated and neat.  There’s no need to overdo the decor so be smart about your choices.
3.  Unconventional Storage
Under the bed, unused cabinets and closets, storage ottomans and shelving are all good places to store extra things.  Find bins that will slide under your bed and get things out of the way!
4.  Get Innovative
Make more out of what you already have.  A pull out couch in the living room can be a place for your guests that is easily tucked away.  Use a mini desk as a nightstand in a guest room to double as an office.  The options are endless.

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