June 14, 2012

Maintenace Tip of the Day

The hot weather is here. Even though we are going through a time of weather changes, we need to keep an eye on our pets. Be aware of fleas and ticks. Even pets that are primarily indoors can be affected. Our lawns can be a breeding ground for unwanted pests. I live on a street that is very busy with people walking their dogs for exercise. This creates a problem when their pets want to visit my lawn. When one stops they all want to stop. I then take my dog out and he has to sniff out every little gift that has been left. If there is a problem, he will find it.

Outside pets need to be checked regularly. Flies can attack the ears and leave nasty bites. Look them over and check their ears for ticks. Purchase a good preventive medicine so your dogs and cats ward off the pests.

On another note make sure your pets have plenty of water, especially if you excercise your pet. Keeping your pet healthy is rewarding. Take your pet to a reliable vet and have them checked, and keep them current on their shots.

Enjoy your summer and the fish are biting.

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