June 20, 2012

Train Like a Champion

Train Like a Champion
I was with my daughter at swim practice the other day and we were talking about our swim training. My daughter's and my swim coach is Drew Butler at the Omaha Swim Federation. I asked her " Ila, remember during the training today to train like a "?" ,and she answers, "Champion!"

Keep in mind, this is an 8 year old saying this.  I kind of got choked up. I have been thinking about how to get better at something since the Olympic swim trials are coming up in Omaha, and I am training for Ironman Arizona in November. For me, I need to see myself as a champion and train like a champion.  After swim practice, Lisa, Ila and I were eating dinner with her cousin Halle and I was talking to Halle about eating like a champion. Halle was asking us what that means. Ila quickly responded what it means to be a champion.

I want to encourage all parents to take the time to lead their children in whatever pursuits that you have. They are listening very carefully, although it may not appear that way. You just never know.

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