July 26, 2012

Maintenace tip of the day

WOW! What a long, dry and hot spell we have been in. The weather has taken it's toll on everything and everybody. It has been so hot, I drove by a field where they have planted popcorn and it was popping right out in the field!

On a more serious note, check on people that may need assistance keeping cool or hydrated. Keep a watch out for children with heat exhaustion. A Popsicle can go a long way. If you have outside pets, make sure they have shade and plenty of water to drink. Don't forget yourself. Drink enough water to help your body function in this extreme heat. If you think about it, put some water out for the animals that live in our yards. Who knows? The birds may leave a thank you note on your windshield.

Bottle some of this heat up. Winter is on it's way. Stay Cool!

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