July 24, 2012

Something so small with such a large impact!

Since I am newer to Dino’s Storage and as a manager for Dino’s, my direct reports have to get to know me a little.  Not all of them are in the same town as me because we have self-storage facilities in Des Moines and Canada as well as Omaha.  So my daily contact is usually email.  On a daily basis I send out on email to all of that direct report to me at Dino’s Storage.  In this email, I let them know that all of the payments are posted to all of the customers’ accounts that I receive for the day.   I state that by just putting that in the subject line, then add little things such as, "Happy Friday or Monday", or have a great week and so on.  

Last week I added in there “Does Anyone Read These?”.  I was under the assumption they just saw payments were done and deleted the email.  I received responses from them all, stating they looked forward to hearing what silly thing is in my email that day or what not.  This week I started taking a small amount of time to find encouraging quotes, fun facts and so on.  All continue to say that makes their day.  I will continue to do that and if I was on the other side would really enjoy getting these are well.  I see this similar to our reader board on all of our storage facilities. We get some a lot response from what we put up there.  People that are passing by are always emailing, calling or stopping in to say that quote for today changed the day around for them.  

This is what I sent all my managers today:  

 Take risks: If you win, you will be happy; if you lose, you will be wise. - Anon

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