August 2, 2012

5 steps on how to write an email blast!


1.ZDevelop a subject title that is interesting and attention-grabbin. The subject title must appear       intriguing and exciting enough to encourage readers to open the email. Keep the subject title relevant to the content within the body of the article. This will prevent your readers from feeling tricked if they open your email and find that the content is not relevant to the title.

2.    Write a short, direct message in your email blast. Readers are more likely to become engaged in your announcement if you can keep the message brief and direct. Provide basic details or snippets of information in your email, then embed links within the body of your email so readers can move on to your website for further reading or to purchase your service or product.

3.    Explain to readers why your message is important or how it will benefit them. For example, if you are trying to market a house , inform readers that they can visit your website to see the current property list thats available as well as virtual tours of those properties.
4.     Instruct readers how to take advantage of the information in the email blast. When your subscribers read the email, they should understand how to follow-up or use the information presented in the email to contact you to buy your services or products and or find out more information about the product you are marketing. Provide instructions to readers on ways they can purchase your product, such as including a link to the checkout page of your website, or by providing your telephone number, address, or other contact information.

5.     Create a sense of urgency in your email blast. If readers are under the impression they must act immediately to take advantage of your services or products, they will most likely follow your instructions and continue on to your website. Offer your readers a time-sensitive coupon code or promotion that will encourage them to use or purchase your services and products immediately.

  • Never attach documents or files to your email blasts. Most readers will not open attachments for fear of viruses and other malicious activity.
  • Refrain from buying email lists from third parties and other unrelated businesses or organizations.

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