August 15, 2012

maintenance tip of the day

Working for Landmark is a new experience everyday. I am privileged to work both in the office and out in the field. Working with the technicians and solving several issues that arise challenges my mechanical skills. Working in the office challenges my mental skills. We have been introduced with a system called the dash board. It keeps the important things in front of us so that the issues can be completed in a timely manner. I like this, but I am from the country and we like to keep things in terminology we can understand. I understand the principles of the dashboard system, but I also think about the trunk system. What is in your trunk, or for the real country folk, what is in the bed of your truck. Are you prepared if something goes wrong? Do you have a spare tire, or plan B, to get you back on the road if things suddenly change? Is your trunk organized so that things can be found quickly to avoid time delays? Please add your own thoughts about the dashboard or the trunk system, because all of it includes planning for the unexpected.
P.S. keep the shiny side up and the dirty side down.Happy traveling through your life's journy 

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