August 14, 2012

One Strike, Two Strikes, Three Strikes: Your Out!!

One Strike, Two Strikes, Three Strikes: Your Out!!

When you decide to rent, you should always make a note to yourself that this is a commitment, and that you need to make sure that the rent is the #1 priority. We at Landmark take this very seriously when it comes to renting out to the tenants. As with any place that you decide to live the rent needs to be paid in a timely matter. If the rent is not paid, than the landlord or the owner has the right to file an eviction involving a tenant being court ordered to leave a residence, a judgment for eviction could appear on your credit report.

So what does an eviction mean and how can it affect you and your credit. An eviction is not a good thing to have on your record, and most of the time it is considered a judgment with many fees to follow. When you decide to go and apply for another place to rent or live this is a strike against you. At Landmark we will not rent to anyone that has had an eviction in the last ten years. There are no excuses and we will always follow up with a landlord reference.

When you rent it is very important to have an open communication with the landlord. Paying your rent on time is very important as well. If your unable to pay the rent by the given grace period than you should communicate this with the landlord or the owner. They will work with you most of the time, but they may have a late fee charge that applies, at Landmark this is usually $50.00 or 10% of the rent which ever one is greater. Not having open communication with the owner or the landlord can be another strike against you, and can result in a three day letter with an eviction to follow.

Landlord references are very important too. How you treated the property where you lived at before and what kind of tenants were you? If you were trouble makers and left the place a mess than it is more than likely someone will not want to rent to you. You should always treat the property like it is yours and take care of it. If it is broke call in and get it fixed, if it is something simple than you should try to take care of the problem yourself. When you move out, you should have given the current landlord the proper notice. All of this can and will reflect back on the kind of tenant that you were. If a bad reference is given by the current landlord, than that is another strike against you. Just think about it, would you want to rent your property out to someone who just does not care.. This is the third strike, and the chances of you finding a place that will rent to you is very slim. The way you live, and where you live can say a lot about you. So you should think how your negative reactions can be a big factor on you.

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