September 9, 2012

How to rent rental properties faster

Real estate investors often times ask me what can they do to rent their rental properties for more money faster.
#1. Tear out and replace the kitchen. This is the one room that tenants like to see nice and new. I go with oak cabinets and a new neutral counter top.  Always go with a dishwasher if possible.  If you cannot afford granite, go with granite tiles.  Aways put in a kitchen floor, something with a nice shine to it. Preferably ceramic tile,  but if you have to go with new vinyl.  I don't like vinyl as well as I like VCT ( the tiles that you see in a Walmart) Vinyl tears very easily, VCT does not.  Always put in new appliances, stainless best.   Its simple, tear the entire kitchen out and start over. Don't forget to replace the light fixtures, outlets, outlet covers and even the switches and switch plate covers. Also, paint the entire kitchen.

#2 The other thing that you can do is tear out and replace the bathroom. I know this is a lot of work, but the tenants really like this. If this is not in your budget, refinish all the surfaces and replace the vanity and the base cabinet for the sink.
Which is more important the kitchen of the bath? Hands down the kitchen is more important to tenants. 
I would replace the kitchen before I did anything else.  This includes new windows.

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