September 13, 2012

Warning signs are all around us. Sometimes we choose to ignore them.
But doing that comes with risks.  I had one with a computer last week that I ignored for a while.  It was a warning that I had a problem on a hard disk which could lead to a hard disk failure.  I did some research online and was told that the risk was probably exaggerated so I ignored it.  Yesterday the worst happened and the hard drive failed.  I let it sit overnight and this morning it is working again, but not for long.  I am following recommendations to make a complete image backup and when that is complete I will install the new hard drive that the manufacturer sent as a no charge replacement.

We see warning signs all around us every day, not just with computers.  Sometimes it is an issue with our health, or a warning light on a car, or any one of a variety of situations.  After my experience with this computer I am going to be more alert to warning signs because I know they are there for a reason. 

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