September 30, 2012

What I learned during the Production of the Second season of The Super

We are done with the Production of the Second season of "The Super." I was asked during the final days of shooting what I learned from the tenants this season.  
These are in order of importance
1. The importance of a father living in the house and taking the role that God intended for them. This theme is reoccurring in everything I deal with each day. If only a father had stuck around to raise his children, the US would be a very different place today.
2. Life is a test an its not about you. Half of the 10 commandments focus on how to treat other people. Most of the people that I see each day that are having some sort of  problem because they simply don't put others interests before themselves.

3. During the night bombing on London during WWII by the Nazis, Winston Churchill gave a radio address about the importance of never giving up. The country rallied around this. Never giving up also ties into always having hope and hope's importance in our lives. Many of the people I am trying to help have given up hope.

4. The importance of living in community and maintaining relationships in our lives. So many of the tenants become isolated from family, friends, and church. The devil gets ahold of many peoples lives and they start believing lies about there life and themselves.  Once this happens it seems as if they cannot resolve those broken relationships.

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