September 28, 2012

When in doubt, Check it out ??

Does breaking a rental Lease Agreement affect your credit?
This is a very good question, and should be carefully answered. Most rental companies will not report to credit agencies if you pay your rent on time or not. It is not considered a part of your “rating” when it comes to reporting this on your credit.
However there are other credit bureaus used by apartment and management companies, these are called tenant screening bureaus and provide different information than your credit report. They are more focused on rental payment history, evictions and lease agreements. It is possible that breaking your lease would be reported on one of these lesser known bureaus. This might impact your ability to rent in the future.
Another possibility is that the lease holder can always sue you for the balance due on the contract. If a judgment were granted against you, all the provisions allowed under your state's laws would come into play. These include garnishment of wages, freezing of bank accounts, and reporting the judgment on the public records portion of your standard credit report. That would most certainly affect your credit. 
So when you decide that you want to move out, you should always try to give proper notice, you should always leave the place the way you would want it when you move in, and you should always follow through with your agreement on the lease. These can all affect you when you move out and leave you with a large amount of money owed, which will reflect back on you and your credit history.


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