October 22, 2012

Goals, Winning, and Moving Foward

After participating in a goal setting meeting a couple of weeks ago, I realized the goals I set for myself were not achieved yet.  Not only that I didn’t come close to any of them.  Then I realized it was the first time I looked at the goals since I set them, why I would set goals and ten months later just start to look at getting them checked off by the end of the year.  Now if anyone really knows me, I work best under stress and pressure, so maybe that is why I waited.  I could come up with several excuses on why I haven’t reached any, but I refuse to live that way.  I am trying to be a lot harder on myself about sticking to things I say I will do.  I guess I can add that as a goal by the end of 2012 or maybe 2013. 

My mindset for 2013: start by setting goals, making sure you look at them every month, don’t use excuses, do whatever it takes to accomplish the goals and reek the benefits when you check one off. 

“Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is” –Vince Lombardi

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