October 15, 2012

Real Estate Trivia Questions

The "Real Estate Buys" radio program, aired in California, occasionally will ask Real Estate trivia questions on the air and give away prizes to the caller with the correct answer.  See how well you'd do!

1.  What James Taylor song reminds first time buyers to obtain hazard and flood insurance?

2.  What town did the Flintsontes call home?

3.  Who is the world's largest land owner?

4.  What street do the Simpsons live on?

5.  What real estate company did "Marge Simpson" work for?

6.  In 1999, what was the age of the average first-time buyer in the United States?

7.  In the Wizard of Oz, where was Dorothy's home?

8.  What was the building superintendent's name on the television show One Day At A Time?

9.  What was the original landlord's name on Three's Company?

10. What is the name of  Elvis Presley's home?


1.  Fire & Rain    2.  Bedrock:    3.  US Government, approx 700 million acres:   4. Evergreen Terrace:
5.  Red Coat Realty:  6.  36:   7.  Kansas:   8.  Schneider:    9.  Mr. Roper:   10.  Graceland

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