October 18, 2012

Moving Up and OUT!


              You start to realize that now the time has come to look for a place of your own, weather you're leaving your parents home, parting ways with your old roommate's to look for your own space, or just simply looking for a new place, Here are some Tips and personal experience on how I'm doing it. SO can YOU!
Lets talk money!
Being Stable for an apartment isn't going to happen right after high school or while your going to school, its not going to be easy either. Be patient. Best advice PICK roommates to split the rent. From Personal Experience if I were to rent out a apartment with "friends" it would NOT be my best friend. The more You Know about the person the easier it gets to get annoyed about seeing each other every day. Normally you sign a lease for 6 months to a year, in that time live with a friend, NOT your closest friend but just a friend that in that time period you can develop somewhat of a greater bond.
                                                           Finding a place to fit your needs
It took me about 6 months to save money.. Figure out a plan as well as taking the times to go look for places to live. Every where I went, I looked at a place , and left feeling like "I cant call this home" (NEVER. EVER pick your first apartment that you see, Take the time to go to multiple ones. See if the one you liked first is still the one you liked after you've seen other ones.)
Finally I found a place, It was right under my nose the WHOLE time.  I wanted a old vintage Place, with a modern twist to it, With the help of Landmark Group I was able to find just that AND for affordable living.
  Go for it!
Now that I have Settled in to my new place, My best Advice for you is if your looking for a place of your own it DOES take lots of time to figure out. (duh!)  if your just getting out of High school, or moving out of your parents house later on down the road, making the best decision is ultimately your own. The One that matters the most is YOURS. You're the one that is living there at the end of the day . This will be your safe haven.  take Into consideration, it takes time, Money, and patients to look for a great home.
         Happy Home Hunting Everyone!!!

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