February 25, 2013

I took a short vacation last week and while going through the airport I got thinking about how air travel has changed through during my lifetime and how some of those changes have added to the federal budget.  When I was a child anyone could go to the gate at any airport to say goodbye to travelers or to greet people coming off the plane.  Now you can only go to the gate if you have a ticket and you go through a screening process.  Those screeners are employed by the TSA and add to the cost of the ticket and to the size of the government.  Do we need it all?  Is it really making travel safer?  Then I read about the idiots who are stopped in the screening because they "forgot" they had a loaded weapon in their carry on bags.  I am glad to have screening to protect us not only from terrorists, but from those idiots.  Our political parties are caught up in a disagreement on taxes and spending.  Where do we make cuts?  Would we want to cut something like TSA screening, aid to education, health research, or any of the other places where our tax dollars are spent?  There is no easy answer but I hope the parties agree on something before sending our economy into a crisis. 

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