February 24, 2013

Tips for tenants on how to get your application for a house or apartment approved

1. Completely fill out the application, do not skip any questions, if question does not apply to you put NA, so we know you did not skip the question
2.Make sure your references know that a landlord will be calling to check on you.
3. Just as important, know that your references are going to give you a good reference, you would be surprised how many bad references we get.
4. Make sure that you can afford the house or apartment you are applying for. We want every person that is on the lease to make three times the rent. So if the rent is $700 three times this is $2100. We want peoples gross income to this amount or more
5. Get a good landlord reference,  This can be tricky if it your first place but make sure you stay on good terms with your current landlord because you will need a  referral from him one day.

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