October 11, 2013

Learning Heart

Fifth step in being successful is to have a learning heart. A saying on a shirt goes, "Learn like you're going to live forever. Live like you're going to die tomorrow." You want to always have a learning attitude because there is a ton to learn while you are on this earth. As the saying goes... you learn something new every day. Another way to have a learning heart is to read; read as much as possible. As you get older it gets harder to read because reading is very time consuming, but you should try to read at least one book a month. The proverbs part of the bible has a lot of information in it and that is why I read a little part of it every day. You should also try to join a few networks because the amount of people you know will grow and there is a ton of stuff to learn from the different networks you join. Finally, just be a student of the game. Play it one move at a time and have fun with your learning heart.  

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