October 14, 2013

Speed of Business

One thing a business needs to do to stay on top is change their business model. Now I know that not everyone is going to agree with that statement, but it's true. Take Blockbuster, Polaroid, and Myspace for examples. They were all great ideas that made a lot of sense, but they got out paced and out thought. UPS has a quote on the side of their vans that says, "Moving at the speed of business." Many people these days are not willing to change their ideas or businesses and if someone comes up with something better you're business has a chance of failing. In that case people need to open up to the idea of modifying their ideas, so they can stay in the game. When it comes to shooting most people are the "Ready, Aim, Fire" kind of people, but I am a "Fire, Ready, Aim" type of person.Instead of taking a long time to make a decision people need to adapt and make decisions faster.

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