November 11, 2013


Organization is a great skill to have especially when it comes to the business side of things. If a company is unorganized it will make their job a lot tougher than if they had things in an orderly fashion. "My nine year old daughter and eleven year old son are very disorganized," like a majority of the world. Now a days people should not be unorganized because of the amount of technology and how much it progresses each day. We now have electronic scanners which makes filing things just that much easier and without the clutter of all of the paperwork. Having the advancement that we do in technology kind of gives us an unfair advantage over earlier generations, so you would think that businesses are more organized when we really have more of a mess. Everyone's favorite thing in the office should be there trashcan (recycling bin) because that is where all the clutter should go after it is scanned.

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