November 14, 2012

Always hire who you want and let the people not performing go

I have been taking a once a month year long training class at Sandler Training in Omaha, NE about successfully managing a sales team.  So far I have attended two meetings and have gained a wealth of knowledge.  I want to talk about the first meeting, because you really can make so many changes to the base of a company with this advice.

We started off with making a job description that completely details exactly who you want on your team and who not.   With this there is no compromising on what you want out of an employee, everything is written out and explained in black & white.  Also noted on the job description, states to not apply if you don't fit, capable and comfortable 100% with everything on the description.  You will never hear me say "I think this person will work for the time being, to fill a position".  I will only hire someone that fits everything I am looking for, this will only make my job easier. 

What most managers do is hire someone to fill the position, to have someone start to work because they are so busy, that is completely wrong!  Hire the correct right person, and you don't have to worry about them not performing or doing what has been explained from day 1.

Also covered in the first meeting was the point to always let your direct reports know where they are standing on a weekly or monthly basis, goal wise.  This will in return make your direct report want to be on top. The last thing someone wants to see is their name on the bottom of a list.  With that we also talked about the benefits of always hiring, because if you team is lacking somewhere you need to let someone else take over who can perform to being on top.   

Lastly, I would like to post that Dino's Storage is currently hiring for Property Managers in Nebraska and Iowa.  Please click the link visit Dino's Storage website for more information and a job description. 

If you are interested in finding more information about Sandler Sale Training and Sale Management Training, please visit their website:

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