November 22, 2012

How to Rent out Your Home Fast

How to Rent out Your Home Fast

No matter what your situation is, the following tips can help the rental process run smoothly for all parties involved.
Rent out Your Home Fast

Make sure your home is pleasing to the eye. - Renters value many of the same amenities/benefits that buyers seek out, so make your rental home inviting. This includes removing unnecessary clutter, making sure the lawn is freshly cut, adding a fresh coat of paint and having the carpets thoroughly cleaned. You should also take care of any of those repairs you've been putting off. Consulting a licensed real estate salesperson with a knack for home staging might help you rent your home out more quickly.

Set a competitive monthly rent. - Before deciding what to charge for monthly rent, do a little research. You can use websites like to see what comparable rents in your community are going for. Is your competition including monthly utilities and lawn or pool maintenance? What about kitchen appliances and a washer/dryer? Consider all of these factors and set a monthly rent that falls within the average asking range for comparable homes in your area.

Promote your home to the masses. - According to the National Association of Realtors, most home buyers begin their home search online. The same is true for renters. Post your home on your local newspaper's website, community specific websites like Craigslist and national websites like If you're working with a real estate agent or management company, they can also put your home into your area's Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

Screen potential candidates. - There are three basic areas that landlords need to check: credit history, past tenant behavior and criminal history. "The best way to get good tenants for your property and protect your assets is to use a property management company, "But if you're not interested in doing that, hire an objective third party to handle the screening of your tenants."

Rent with fairness. - Treat every potential renter you meet with the utmost respect. There are laws in place that protect renters if they feel they're being treated unfairly. For example, the Federal Fair Housing Act identifies seven protected classes: religion, national origin, race, ancestry, sex, familial status and disability.


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